Badger Hub

BadgerHub is a game development studio and online community.

Our current projects:

Developing Me, My Mech and I

an upcoming rogue-like farming simulation… with mechs!

Producing Blittle League

a weekly theatrical Blaseball-themed horror TTRPG live play that follows 10 year old Little Leaguers. The show explores a world of monsters, angels, demons…and the beauty, challenges, and awkwardness of growing up. Blittle League uses the Monster of the Week system. Tuesdays @ 8pm EST on Twitch.


Streaming Stardew Valley, Pokemon Nuzlocke, Blaseball, and other games weekly on Twitch.

Stay in the know in the now:

Badger Hub is…

Emma Fringuelli - Art

Mur Lafferty - Narrative

Morgan Woodstock - Engineering

Joey T Badger - Creative Director and Producer